A few of us have taken the A4A course this summer. I know the course has been offered in a few different versions. Having gotten some technology with it would have been nice ;) but it has been nice to work through the class when I have more time-summer, not during the school year. I, personally, could have used some more training with graphing calculators, but I certainly know more than before I took the class.

Although we have not had a chance to try any of the activities in class, we now have ideas to tryout for the whole year since we have them ahead of time.  It is nice to have this spark ignited about how to approach teaching now, while I am starting to get geared up for another year. This course has made me realize that if I could try a few of the ideas and allow the students to explore and teach each other more, my students might enjoy more success in math and actually want to come to class. :)

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Comment by Jennifer Crawford on August 9, 2012 at 9:03pm

Hi Carrie,

I really haven't had any exposure to the TI-84 graphing calculators and wanted to have some training.  I was hoping to get some training through this class too, although the calculator tutorials have been helpful.  I also like that we have access to these tutorials and can use them with our students.  I have also taken E-MATHS class this summer.  It is 8 days total- it was 4 days in July and will be 4 days in August.  It was very hands on with calculators(more with the n-spires, but I have seen a couple people using their TI-84's)!   If you get a chance to take this class I highly recommend it! 

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