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Hello Michigan Math Friends,

I'm a math teacher in upstate New York. We started implementing Common Core Algebra I two years ago. Last year I was so fed up with the way it was playing out that I decided to write my own set of 100 Common Core Algebra I lessons and home work sets as well. I then decided to make screencast videos of the lessons and upload them to YouTube. The lessons, homework sets, and links to the videos can be directly accessed from:

I've given this curriculum away on my website. There's no hook or anything else. I just want to try to establish a community of math teachers around New York and also around the country that take control over the creation of the Common Core Curriculum and take it out of the hands of the big guys.

One of the parts of this project is our discussion Forum where teachers actively critique the curriculum and also share assessments, reviews, projects, and other resources.

Full disclosure, there definitely is a commercial part of this site. At the same time, though, my tiny company of myself and my wife aren't really looking to make much of a buck off of this. But, it's nice to try to compete with the monoliths.

Best to all of my fellow math teachers in Michigan!

Kirk Weiler

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