I really enjoyed the way that the course allowed us to participate in activities and think as a student would.  I thought that it did an excellent job at forcing us to pick at different components of functions, like cause and effect, similarities and differences, and especially at the relationship between one particular function and its equation, graph, table, and real life application.  The only thing that I found disappointing about the class is that my students won't be able to participate in some of the coolest activities that we did because they were only a link to the 5 point video/activity sections that we completed.  It would be so nice to have something like the interactive computer links that we were able to work with that our students could also do.  It was so nice be able to generate graphs as quickly as we could, and to be able to do things like enter an ordered pair on the table while simultaneously watching it appear on the graph!  This year my students were able to enjoy more of engaging themselves in exploration rather than looking for answers.  I hope to continue to encourage my students to do this through the use of activities that naturally increase student enjoyment in exploration.

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