"First look" analysis of the common core and ACT

Welcome to 2011 everyone.


\uap>Attached below is a study published by ACT that reflects on and uses last year's ACT data from states like Michigan to predict how students would have preformed in relation to the Common core standards.


\uap>Not surprisingly, the study confirms the ideas and principals of mathematics instruction that we have been discussing at A4A for two years now!


\uap>Here is an exerpt from the article:

\uap>" More specifically, students at all grade levels need to be: 

\uap class="p1">• working and solving challenging nonroutine problems; 

\uap class="p1">• explaining methods and justifying conclusions; 

\uap class="p1">• predicting and conjecturing about things like unknown numbers,measurements, quantitative relations, the behavior of functions, how well a model fits reality, the effectiveness of different solution methods, and the way probabilistic events occur; and 

\uap class="p1">• looking for patterns and structure in places like diagrams, equations, number systems, proofs, problems, tables, graphs, and real-world objects. "


\uap>Sound familiar??? ;)


\uap>To read the entire report, download the pdf file below.  

\uap>First look analysis of the Common core and the ACT



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