When it comes time to reviewing for a test, I have found that doing a walk-a-round activity is very helpful.  I take their review and create a PowerPoint with each question on a slide.  On the bottom right corner of the slide, I put the answer to one of the other questions.  Students can work in pairs or on their own to work out the problems.  I put the different slides around my room or we use the end hallway that has no classes in it.  Students start at different slides and work out the problems.  They then look to find the answer and then do that problem until they get back to their original question.  Students like this because they are out of their seats and working with a partner.  They seem to do more "studying" also and are more prepared to take the test. 

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Comment by Arthur Weiss on June 3, 2012 at 12:30pm

I'm a big fan of this kind of activity too... except I call them "stations":}  I have also found it helpful to put a time limit on stations.  Some students finish early... others use up the whole time... it depending on the problem or the students... however, I have found that it keeps the review moving at a good pace. My groups tend to be 3 to 4. Ive also found planning a summary of all the problems as a closure activity extremely benificial.

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