At some point, enough is enough. We only had 1 day of school last week due to the weather and two scheduled days off. Now, this week is the MME/ACT schedule to contend with. Next week, we must end the second trimester after losing 8+ (at some point I lost track!) days due to weather. Now, it becomes an educated guessing game of what I can "skip" without hindering their movement to another teacher next trimester. I am in better shape than some of my peers, but I don't like being in this situation.


Do other districts ever extend the second trimester to compensate for lost time and even the time out a bit? Our struggle seems to always be the schedule. There is a half day the last day of the trimester to complete the grades for the trimester.


In addition, my colleague and I have been trying to get in to observe one another. It seems when we schedule, a snow day occurs. We'll prbably have to give up for this trimester and try again next trimester.


Thanks for letting me vent.

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Comment by Emily Ritsema on March 10, 2011 at 10:13pm
Barbara....I am with you but in a slightly different direction.  After getting my juniors back (from the MME) our hockey team started in on playoffs.  I lost 1/2 of my class on Tuesday for the Regional game in Gaylord (fan bus) and over 1/2 today for the Semi-final near Detroit (three fan busses).  I have so much material left to cover.  It is so frustrating.  I am constantly looking for ways to combine concepts and yet not give too much information at once.

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