I was watching CNN Morning news the other day and the following story caught my attention:

Former Govs. Bush and Wise push for digital learning

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, R, convened at the national summit on education reform in Washington, DC this week to introduce an innovative plan developed with former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise, D, to customize each and every child's education. They think this will drastically improve our country's education levels.

Today on American Morning, John Roberts asks Bush and Wise about the plan they are releasing Wednesday that calls for implementing technology into the classroom. He asks why they think the plan will dramatically reform each child's education."


One of the comments that they made is that teachers teach to the middle of the class, thereby holding the top end students back and leaving the slower students behind. That made me stop and think, am I teaching to the "middle" of my class?

After some reflection, I think the answer has to be no. As long as I am teaching the content, then I am teaching to the entire class. This whole idea of a "Math Talk Community" that we are working towards in our classrooms just seems to make sense. When I see my students working together, discussing what they are learning, helping each other, the bright students are deepening their understanding and the weaker students are gaining another perspective on the material that I have introduced to them. I do not see a digital program providing that connection to students.

What do you think????

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